• Factor O2 V.A.M.
    Factor O2 V.A.M.

    Factor O2 V.A.M.
    Our lightest road bike frame, the O2 VAM excels like none other when the road points up, and up, and up. Floating up the road when the grade tilts skyward, yet carving authoritatively and predictably through…

    € 5.099,00

Factor O2 V.A.M

Lightweight Climbing Bike

The new benchmark for ultralight performance and the ultimate expression of Factor’s design and manufacturing expertise. VAM (Velocita Ascensionale Media,) is the latest marvel to emerge from the Factor Carbon Lab™.

Optimized structure design and carbon layup and specific material choices, depending on the frame area and shape, allows us to use the least material without loss of stiffness, efficiency or ride quality.

VAM’s obsessively detailed fabrication technology and selection of materials allows Factor to meet the twin challenges of creating a chassis to attack when the grade points skyward, yet one capable of carving through corners with authority when the course heads back to the valley floor.


O2 V.A.M Chassis

Factor Bikes sells system-integrated chassis, comprised of frame, fork, barstem, seatpost, bottom bracket, headset and a “pizza box” of components and accessories.

Why a chassis? To control all the touch points a rider has with the road to ensure our world-renowed Factor ride quailty.


Colors Available:

Naked Carbon with Matte Black Gloss and Red Decals


Brake Options:

Disc or Rim Brake

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